Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of included studies

Sindet-Pedersen et al,8 2018Lutsey et al,14 2019Bott-Kitslaar,9 2018Dawwas et al,10 2019Howe et al,11 2018
Source typeJournal articleJournal articleJournal articleJournal articleJournal article
Study designRetrospective, multicenter registryRetrospective, market scan data warehouseProspective, single-center trial (Mayo Thrombophilia Clinic Registry), observationalRetrospective cohort analysis, market scan and Medicare supplement claims 2014-2016Retrospective review, single VA center
Mean age, y70 A*60.4 A62.4 A61.5 A73 A
67 R*56.4 R58.5 R56.5 R68 R
Female sex, %50.8 A50.3 A38.7 A50.6 A2 A
45.3 R49.2 R48 R49.5 R4.4 R
Mean weight, kgNSNS87.6 ANSNS
91.3 R
Medications, %23.6 A7 A23.8 A7.3 ANS
 Antiplatelet agents18.3 R5.1 R21.8 R4.2 R
Comorbidities, %14 A17 A47 A17.7 ANS
 Malignancy11.4 R16.1 R39.9 R18.9 R
Chronic kidney3.9 A13.2 A2.3 A17.1 ANS
2.7 R7.1 R0 R8.5 R
Total duration of study, mo29 58 2424
Study groups (total no. of patients in each group)2 groups2 groups2 groups2 groups2 groups
A (1504)A (6786)A (302)A (3091)A (89)
R (6683)R (30 982)R (298)R (12 163)R (173)
Primary outcomeAll-cause mortality, recurrent VTE, hospitalized bleedingHospitalized bleedingVTE recurrence, major bleeding eventsVTE recurrence, major bleeding eventsOverall bleeding rates
Secondary outcomeIntracranial and gastrointestinal bleedingCRNMB, and composite of major bleeding and CRNMBMinor bleeding eventsTime to bleeding and location of bleeding
Recurrent VTE, %1.71 ANS2.32 A0.81 ANS
1.76 R2.01 R2.09 R
Major bleeding, %1.17 A0.74 A3.64 A0.91 A0.56 A
1.28 R1.15 R3.20 R1.55 R1.99 R
Nonmajor/minor bleeding, %NSNS2.32 A5.37 A0.28
6.71 R8.90 R1.77 R
Study outcomes reported atAverage 6 mo3 mo and 6 mo3 mo and overall as 100 per year incidence<3 mo and >3 mo and 100 person-yearAt 3 mo and 100 person-year
Major outcomes reported asIncidence reported as percent events, ARR between 2 groupsAdjusted HR for 100 person-year incidence, number of events at 3 moNo. of events at <3 mo and >3 mo, HR for the same and also for 100 person-year incidenceNo. of events at 3 mo and 100 person-year incidence
  • A, apixaban; ARR, absolute risk reduction; CRNMB, clinically relevant nonmajor bleeding; NS, not specified; R, rivaroxaban; VA, Veterans Affairs; W, warfarin.

  • * Median.

  • Creatinine clearance <30 mL/min.