Table 2.

Risk for developing second primary infection-related solid tumors among adult 1-y NHL survivors, 17 SEER registry areas, 2000 to 2014

Second primary malignancy siteFirst primary NHL subtypePheterogeneity*
ObsSIR95% CIObsSIR95% CIObsSIR95% CIObsSIR95% CI
Cervix uteri70.780.31-1.6190.890.41-1.6980.870.38-1.72<50.680.14-1.98.98
  • Obs, observed.

  • * P values to test differences in SIRs across NHL subtypes were computed using likelihood ratio test derived from Poisson regression models adjusted for age at first primary NHL, sex, and latency, with log of expected numbers of cases included as offset. Exact numbers of cases are not reported for categories with <5 observed cases to maintain patient confidentiality. All statistical tests were 2 sided.

  • SIRs and exact Poisson-based 95% CIs compared number of observed cases with that expected in general population (additional details provided in “Methods”).

  • Indicates 95% CI excludes 1.00, corresponding to 2-sided P < .05.