Table 1.

Characteristics of 1-y survivors by type of first primary NHL diagnosed from age 20 to 84 y, 17 SEER registry areas, 2000 to 2014

CharacteristicCLL/SLL, % (n = 42 119)DLBCL, % (n = 41 416)FL, % (n = 29 508)MZL, % (n = 14 001)
Age at first primary NHL, y
Mean follow-up time, y4.
 African American7.
Year of first primary NHL diagnosis
First course of NHL treatment
 CT and RT0.624.47.54.6
 CT, no known RT21.161.849.227.9
 RT, no known CT0.72.09.320.1
 No known CT or RT77.611.834.047.4
Stage at first primary NHL*
Primary site (NHL)
 Extranodal, gastric4.620.3
 Extranodal, nongastric31.039.7
HIV/AIDS status at NHL diagnosis
 Reported HIV/AIDS0.
 No known HIV/AIDS99.996.499.599.3
  • CT, chemotherapy; RT, radiotherapy.

  • * Early stage: Ann Arbor stages I and II for DLBCL, FL, and MZL and no known initial treatment of CLL; advanced stage: Ann Arbor stages III and IV for DLBCL, FL, and MZL and any initial treatment of CLL.