Table 1.

Patient demographics and baseline clinical characteristics

Total number of patients27
Median age (range), y69 (57-84)
ECOG performance status
Rai stage at therapy initiation
Cytogenetics (Döhner hierarchy)
 17p deletion311.1
 11q deletion311.1
 Trisomy 12725.9
 13q deletion829.6
IGHV status
 Mutated >2%1451.8
ZAP-70 status
 Not recorded414.8
High-risk features
 17p deletion only13.7
 TP53 mutation only27.4
 Both TP53 mutation and 17p deletion27.4
 NOTCH1 mutation311.1
Bulky adenopathy829.6
Median β2 microglobulin (range), mg/L5.2 (2.4-14.6)
  • SLL, small lymphocytic lymphoma.

  • * One patient’s diagnosis was later reclassified to lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma.

  • Bulky indicates the presence of ≥1 node with a diameter ≥5 cm.