Table 1.

Distribution of prepregnancy clinical and laboratory variables according to pregnancy complication status (n = 40 pregnancies)

VariableNo pregnancy complication (n = 12 pregnancies, N = 6 women)Pregnancy complication (n = 28 pregnancies, N = 17 women)P*
Demographic and clinical variables
 Age at pregnancy onset (range), y33 (31-37)31 (28-35).055
 Prior history of venous thrombosis10 (83)21 (75).563
 Number of women with a prior history of venous thrombosis5 (83)12 (71).541
 Number of women with a prior history of arterial thrombosis0 (0)0 (0)N/A
 Prior history of pregnancy complications6 (50)17 (61).530
 Number of women with a prior history of pregnancy complications4 (67)9 (53).560
 Autoimmune rheumatic disease4 (33)6 (21).435
 LDA alone0 (0)2 (7).485
 LMWH alone0 (0)5 (18).298
 LDA+LMWH10 (83)18 (64).285
Laboratory variables
 Rosner index34 (26-42)36 (33-47).043
 aPTT-LA, s81 (75-100)96 (82-113).056
 aCL IgM6.2 (1.9-23.0)5.3 (2.9-9.8).243
 aCL IgG, GPL25.8 (15.0-106.1)51.8 (26.3-120.0).198
 aβ2GPI IgM§5.0 (2.3-44.1)2.9 (1.4-8.5).229
 aβ2GPI IgG, GPL§41.0 (11.4-97.1)44.8 (10.1-100.0).788
 Triple antibody positivity§4 (36)17 (61).182
  • Data represent either a median (25th-75th) for continuous variables or an absolute frequency (%) for count data. Data are reported for individual pregnancies, except for “Number of women with a prior history of thrombosis” and “Number of women with a prior history of pregnancy complications,” which report data for individual women.

  • N/A, not applicable.

  • * P value for a difference between pregnancies with and without complications from a linear or generalized linear regression model taking into account the dependent data structure (ie, that women could have >1 pregnancy).

  • Pregnancy complications were defined according to revised Sapporo criteria.1

  • Autoimmune rheumatic disease was defined as 4 cases of systemic lupus erythematosus and 1 case of lupus-like disease.

  • § aß2GPI IgG/IgM antibodies missing in 1 pregnancy. Cutoffs for triple antibody positivity were defined as follows: aCL >40 GPL/MPL U/mL; aβ2GPI IgG >8 GPL/MPL U/mL.