Table 3.

Multivariate analysis

nOR or RR*Lower CLUpper CLPOverall P
Acute grade 2-4 GVHD
 Haploidentical donors1231.009
 MUD TCD+3770.920.601.41.70
 MUD TCD−3591.390.902.13.13
Acute grade 3-4 GVHD
 Haploidentical donors1231.0007
 MUD TCD+3771.840.883.89.11
 MUD TCD−3593.051.476.32.0028
Chronic GVHD
 Haploidentical donors1271<.0001
 MUD TCD+3212.051.323.17.001
 MUD TCD−3444.062.686.15<.0001
 Haploidentical donors1321.08
 MUD TCD+4031.170.771.760.46
 MUD TCD−3781.280.861.910.23
Significant contrast
 MSD vs MUD TCD−0.710.540.93.01
 Haploidentical donors1321.009
 MUD TCD+4030.920.681.25.60
 MUD TCD−3780.730.531.00.05
Significant contrast
 MSD vs MUD TCD−1.451.171.80.0008
 Haploidentical donors1321.45
 MUD TCD+4030.970.761.24.84
 MUD TCD−3780.860.671.09.21
 Haploidentical donors1321.52
 MUD TCD+4031.020.781.33.90
 MUD TCD−3780.910.701.19.49
  • The main effect of multivariate analysis is shown. Complete multivariate analysis results are provided in supplemental Table 3.

  • CL, confidence limit.

  • * Values are odds ratios (ORs) for “Acute grade 2-4 GVHD” and “Acute grade 3-4 GVHD”; all others are RR.