Table 1.

Patient baseline and transplant characteristics

CharacteristicNGS cohort (n = 93)Overall (N = 110)
Median age at diagnosis (range), y56 (29-72)50-6155 (29-72)50-62
Median age at allo-HCT (range), y59 (42-72)53-6359 (38-72)53-64
Median interval from diagnosis to allo-HCT (range), mo14 (2-332)7-4815 (2-332)7-48
Recipient sex
Year of allo-HCT
Median donor age (range), y40 (19-75)30-5341 (19-75)30-53
Donor sex
Female donor to male recipient
ABO blood group compatibility
 ABO compatible53576155
 Minor mismatch15161816
 Major mismatch15162018
Graft source
 Bone marrow3333
 Peripheral blood stem cells909710797
HLA match
 MUD 10/1039424440
 mMUD <10/1012131514
DIPSS classification at time of transplant evaluation
DIPSS classification at allo-HCT
Donor/recipient CMV serostatus
Karnofsky performance status, %
Median HCT comorbidity index (range)1 (0-7)0-31 (0-7)0-2
GVHD prophylaxis
 Tacrolimus/sirolimus based849010091
 Tacrolimus based4444
 Cyclosporine/CellCept based5565
Type of MF
 Primary MF51555853
 Secondary polycythemia vera15161917
 Secondary essential thrombocythemia27293330
 Secondary MF42455247
Ruxolitinib use
Splenectomy before allo-HCT
MIPSS70+ v2.0 classification
 Intermediate risk11121110
 High risk47514743
  • CMV, cytomegalovirus; IQR, interquartile range.