Long-term outcomes in myelodysplastic syndrome patients treated with alemtuzumab

Catherine Lai, Vishal Ranpura, Colin Wu, Matthew J. Olnes, Ankur R. Parikh, Aarthi Shenoy, Julie Thompson, Barbara Weinstein, Phillip Scheinberg, A. John Barrett, Ronan Desmond, Neal S. Young and Christopher S. Hourigan

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  • Figure 1.

    Duration of response and time to best response in all patients treated with alemtuzumab.

  • Figure 2.

    Characteristics of patients completing the study. (A) Characteristics of 9 patients who completed the study and were alive at last follow-up. (B) Trend of median hemoglobin (Hb), ANC, and platelets over time (months) in patients who completed the study. Individual patient changes in hemoglobin, ANC, and platelets from baseline compared with end of study. Red + green, baseline; blue, increase from baseline; green, decrease from baseline. Hypo, hypocellular MDS; Int, intermediate; IPSS-R, revised IPSS; plts, platelets; T dep, T-cell depletion; UPI, unique patient identifier.